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The Festival is an event which brings together children from various religious and cultural circles. It is an event where – during common fun and games – children become acquainted with the wealth and variety of the tradition of different countries and regions. They learn tolerance of and respect for their age peers’ creeds, cultures, customs and behaviour patterns. The participants in the Festival of the Children of Mountains are Polish and foreign folk ensembles presenting diverse ethnic groups of sub-Carpathian regions as well as mountainous regions of all continents. Altogether there are around 500 participants aged 7-14.

The Festival has a unique formula: 6 foreign ensembles are paired up with 6 Polish ones to form the so-called comrade pairs. Over the 7 Festival days the children live, perform, go on trips, make bonfires, and spend one day in the homes of the Polish comrades. Each pair has its “national day,” during which they are the “star” of the concerts; the ensembles present customs, traditions, handicrafts and dishes of their own regional cuisine. Furthermore, they prepare a special joint programme for the final concert, crafting a new quality out of the various elements of cultures and customs of particular nations. Such a Festival proceeding lets the children find their own communication language thanks to which fears of the other disappear, and the distrust of the strange and obscure – so inherent in every human being – turns into acceptance of cultural, religious and social otherness. As a result, friendship is born and it develops in future contacts.

The Festival has been organised since 1992. In its principles, it refers back to the programme premises of the Festival of the Mountains – a pre-war event originated by the Association of the Mountainous Lands, whose main aim was to preserve the cultural heritage – the cultivation and presentation of the tradition of folk culture and arts of the people inhabiting the sub-Carpathians. Currently, owing to the original programme principles which make the Nowy Sącz Festival stand out from other children’s festivals of a similar nature, it has become an event whose significance reaches far beyond mere preservation and presentation of folk culture.

The 18 editions produced so far have hosted children’s folk ensembles from 54 countries, which means that about 8,500 children have enjoyed the great adventure, made new friends, bringing joy to the inhabitants of the region and tourists, and – most importantly – have fulfilled and passed on the idea of the Festival: CHILDREN’S FRIENDSHIP BUILDS THE PEACE OF THE ADULTS’ WORLD.

As for the audience member experience, the Festival is an extraordinarily colourful extravaganza. The multi-coloured parade down the town streets which takes place on the Festival opening day crowned with the inaugural concert of all the ensembles and a fireworks display in the Nowy Sącz old market square attract thousands of spectators each year. Crowds attend evening concerts on national days as well as the final concert. It is hard to express the emotions aroused by the Festival each year; it’s just an unmissable event. We invite you to come to the FESTIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF MOUNTAINS – International Festival of Children’s Folk Ensembles in Nowy Sącz.

Festival Director – Antoni Malczak

Concert Director and Host – Józef Broda

Festival Bureau Manager – Małgorzata Kalarus

Festival Bureau:
SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre
3 Długosza Street, 33-300 Nowy Sącz
tel. +48 18 44 82 610, fax. +48 18 44 82 611
e-mail: sdg@mcksokol.pl

MCK Sokół 

MCK SOKÓŁ       Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego       CIOFF


Małopolskie Centrum Kultury SOKÓŁ - Instytucja Kultury Województwa Małopolskiego
ul. Długosza 3, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, tel. +48 18 448 26 10, fax + 48 18 448 26 11
e-mail: kontakt@mcksokol.plwww.mcksokol.pl

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