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Uherské Hradiště is a major town with a population of upwards of 25,000, located on the Morava River in Moravia, one of the three historical lands constituting the present-day Czech Republic – next to Bohemia and Czech Silesia. Ethnographically and culturally, the region has very close links with the neighbouring Slovakia, and hence it is called Moravian Slovakia or Slovácko.


The folk ensemble HRADIŠŤÁNEK takes great pride in its multi-year tradition, as its origins date back to 1955 and ever since its instructors have been doing their best to encourage children and teenagers to learn traditional folk songs, nursery rhymes, games, dances and customs. Apart from numerous concerts, the ensemble prepares educational programs for kindergartens and primary schools. HRADIŠŤÁNEK comprises seven groups, and the one attending the Festival was formed in 2009. It’s their first performance abroad. They are going to entertain the audience with a number of dances and games, e.g. hopany (a figural dance from Uherské Hradiště), staroměstský čardáš, hojačky (a playful dance involving musicians in fanciful creations), straňanské (a dance from the village of Strání, involving boys and girls teasing), podšable (a Bohemian ritual sword dance), kozenky (a playful dance “Whose goats are in the garden?”), hadi, šťŭři (“On St George’s Day, snakes and scorpions come out, the earth opens, everything crawls out!”), na svatého blažeja (a traditional dance game presenting the 3rd February (St Blaise) celebrations when children would make a round of the village, wishing the farmers good luck, prosperity, health and abundant crops, zabijačka (a funny, traditional game).


Štěpánka Tománková is the ensemble leader; Marcela Hastíková and Radka Baboráková are the choreographers. The musical band will be playing violins, a double bass, a dulcimer, a clarinet and a flute.


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